Boogie, an Israeli non-profit organization, founded in 1997 by Avi Edry, is looking to partner with you in its amazing program.

What Boogie does

Boogie takes the interaction of artists and audience, through music, dance, and movement, to another level. It gives the audience an opportunity to interrelate in a less formal environment with different levels of participants. Boogie is an open space where the participant receives musical stimulation and interprets it to his or her own personal dance.

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Why partner with Boogie

Boogie can add unique events to the schedule of activities you offer to your community. Over the years, Avi has given the program an additional boost, after being a facilitator of Jewish poetry study groups at a center for Jewish learning in Jerusalem. Avi has an MA degree in business management and has graduated from courses in martial arts and movement. He runs a Beit Midrash at Beit Avi Chai in Jerusalem. By creating special events and activities within the community for Jewish holidays, each of Boogies’ events attract approximately 350 participants.

What we will do together

  • Plan a custom-made program that will fit your community and will
    • be a platform for free creativity
    • allow easygoing interaction of participants from variety of fields of interests
    • listen to the audience and follow its direction
  • Locate local artists to facilitate the events who will create and perform with no stage but rather as part of the audience
  • Locate the best venue

Boogie is a circle where everything is happening, with no audience-artist separation.



Boogie was founded in 1997 by Avi Edry, with the help of Zohar Rabinowitz and Louise Harris, with the intention of creating events of music and movement that bring together dancers and musicians interested in alternative activities with the general public.

Boogie is a “sandbox” where people are given musical and movement stimuli to encourage them to create their own dance, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. People are given the chance to express their creative sides and meet others who are different from themselves; creating a mutual learning ground.

Since Avi Edry began learning liturgical poetry and taking courses in Jewish studies at Machon Meir three years ago, he has included special events related to Jewish Holidays in the Boogie events.

Many top musicians, singers, actors, creators, and religious artists in Israel, together with another 350 people, from different cultural and social backgrounds and of all ages, participate in Boogie.


Boogie exposes the audience to artists in many fields – dance, artwork, and performances, mainly by giving them their own “stage” where they become the creator.

Boogie forms a new correlation in the audience–stage–artist relationship, which is created spontaneously and changes throughout each event, creating close and intimate contact and interesting connections between various types of dance groups, such as flamenco and belly dancing.


Boogie brings another dimension into the relationship between music, movement and dance, with DJ’s and live musicians, exposing the audience face-to-face to music that generally does not exist in formal concerts. Music in a wide variety of styles is played continuously throughout the night.

Exposure to these types of music gives participants the chance to experience the special interaction between movement, dance and music.

Musicians who have participated in Boogie include David Broza, Shlomo Bar, Zohar Fresco, Boris Sichon, Lev Elman, Nitzan-Chen Razel, Nitzan Peri, who founded the Joseph and One ensemble and is a lecturer in music at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and others.


Movement includes a wide range of activities, such as language (writing), dance, martial arts, walking and organizing one’s body. Movement teaches us how to make the most of what our body has to offer, in the most efficient, easy and comfortable way that the human body allows.

Avi Edry was exposed to the world of movement at a young age through his training in Judo and, later on, at the Academy of Dance and Movement, in private lessons, Feldenkrais activities and improvisation lessons.

Boogie provides the audience with direct exposure to the many sides of movement: improvisation, contact, Aikido, Kitaido and Capoeira, Feldenkrais, and more.


Boogie exposes the audience to various types of body-mind treatment, such as Shiatsu, Greenberg and Feldenkrais, and martial arts, such as Aikido, Kitaido and Capoeira, which are held throughout the evenings, and encourages everyone to benefit from these special attractions.


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